Сонька Золотая Ручка - Netflix

Сонька Золотая Ручка - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-23

Сонька Золотая Ручка - Sonya Golden Hand - Netflix

Sofia Ivanovna Blyuvshtein (also spelled as Bluvstein, Bluvsztejn; better known as Sonia the Golden Hand; 1846–1902), was a legendary female con artist who lived in the Russian Empire and was eventually convicted of theft. She committed several carefully planned robberies, and was eventually captured and exiled to the Sakhalin penal colony. She became the basis of several books and films, in which she is romanticized as a Robin Hood figure, who never killed, and who stole only from the rich. In 1890, she met Anton Chekhov, who was visiting Sakhalin during his investigations into prison reform; he subsequently described the incident in his book Sakhalin Island. A headless statue by an unmarked grave in Moscow's Vagankovo Cemetery is used as a shrine to Sonia; worshippers, who believe Sonya to be buried there, ask for her spiritual assistance in their own crimes.

Сонька Золотая Ручка - Son'ka's special methods - Netflix

Son'ka the Golden Hand had her own “special methods”. Under specially grown long fingernails she hid precious stones, for the thefts in the stores she had a dress-bag, in which entire roll of fabric could hidden. She used a small monkey to help her in her shady “business” - while the mistress negotiated over some jewelry, the little beast swallowed the precious stones, and at the house they were freed from her stomach with the aid of an enema. “Guten Morgen!” is another good example. It is possible that Son'ka invented this famous method of hotel thefts. The method was simple and insolent - beautifully dressed, elegant Son'ka gets into the hotel room of her potential victim early in the morning and begins to steal his valuables. If the lodger all of a sudden awakes, she would pretend that she mistook the door, she was confused, but rarely departed empty-handed. For the benefit of the matter she could even spend a night with the rich cavalier, and then already quietly would clean his pockets. She had lots of other “professional” tricks that she used throughout her crime life, some of which are still used by thieves around the world today, more than 100 years later. First time very young Szejndla got married to some Rosenbad, gave birth to Sura-Riva, stole all his money and had disappeared for him forever. The second time she got married to the old rich man Sheloma Shkol'nik (whom she also left without money), and the third - to the railroad thief Michel Blyuvshteyn (Bluwstein, Bluwsztejn). Under his surname she figures in all judicial matters. During this marriage she bore a daughter Tabba, but their marriage rapidly ended after her husband flew into a rage, when he heard that Sonya committed her crimes with the aid of her sexual charms. Story has it that one day while committing one of his robberies Michel under the rage had killed an old rich widow, was caught and sentenced to lifetime catorga (penal servitude) on Sakhalin Island, where he died short after. Finally Son'ka actually madly fell in love, and this late passion ruined her. The young dandy pilferer Volodya Kochubchik (to the world Wolf Bromberg, which began to live by stealing at the age of 8) became her true passion. He was spending all the money Son'ka “earned” by playing cards. She was increasingly forced to do riskier thefts with every day, became very nervous, was making lots of errors during her “work”, and finally Fortune turned her back on her. After an improbably loud court trial, Sofia Blyuvshteyn was sent to catorga (penal servitude) on Sakhalin. All of Odessa came out on the streets and cheered her as a hero while she was transferred from the prison to the ship which she had to board in order to get to the remote island. But her young lover, after finishing six months of “working house”, became a well-off landowner in the south of Russia. Son'ka attempted to escape from Sakhalin three times. The first time the guards simply returned her; after the second, they chained her in shackles (she was the first chained woman in the history of penal servitude); and on the third attempt, performed alone or with her then-lover, the murderer Bogdanov, Sofia was broken. According to one source, she soon died, but according to another source she became the owner of a kvass pub (kvass is a popular Russian rural drink made out of bread or grains) and entertained the local Sakhalin residents.

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