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Wealth. Power. Influence. Everybody wants them, but only a select few ever get them. When hard work and talent aren't enough, how do you get yourself noticed? Impostors explores schemers who have taken the quickest, riskiest, and dirtiest path to success: deceit. Exposing true accounts of real fraud, the series uncovers shocking stories of shrewd people who do almost anything to con their way into worlds of prestige and luxury.

Impostors - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-01-24

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Gotham City Impostors is a first-person shooter multiplayer-only video game set in the universe of DC Comics' Batman. Developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the downloadable game is played from the perspective of two teams each trying to kill the other: one with people dressed like Batman and the other with people dressed like his archenemy, the Joker. Unlike other Batman games, Gotham City Impostors was not physically released. It was released on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows via Games for Windows – Live in February 2012. The game was re-released on Microsoft Windows as a free-to-play title in August 30, 2012 via Steam using Steamworks. The game is a six versus six first person shooter multiplayer game featuring customizable characters. Players take on the role of either amateur vigilantes (the Bats) or criminals (the Jokerz). The game features a range of both traditional and imagined weapons.

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