Kindred Spirits - Netflix

It's fright or flight on Friday nights! The world of the unknown debuts on TLC with Kindred Spirits. This show follows renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America's leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light and bring closure to family.

Kindred Spirits - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-21

Kindred Spirits - Kindred Spirits on the Roof - Netflix

Kindred Spirits on the Roof (Japanese: 屋上の百合霊さん, Hepburn: Okujō no Yurirei-san) is an adult yuri visual novel developed by Liar-soft, originally released in Japan on March 30, 2012. The game was licensed by MangaGamer and released in English on February 12, 2016. An updated version featuring fully voiced dialogue was released in Japan on January 26, 2018. Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a visual novel, so the majority of the gameplay consists of the player reading the game's story.

Kindred Spirits - Drama CDs - Netflix

A four-part drama CD sequel was published after the game's release. The CDs are set after the events of the visual novel, and tell after stories for the characters. The drama CDs were also licensed by MangaGamer who released them with English subtitles in 2016. The fourth drama CD includes the game's soundtrack.

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